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Bucket list


"Jobs fill your pocket, but adventures fill your soul."

- Jamie Lyn Beatty -

Today’s trend is telling a visual story using only a few primary colors instead of a rich palette with many semi-tones.

It has also become one of the hottest digital illustration trends. 

Despite the limited palette, the masterfully made animation may look very appealing

and outstanding from others and help brands deliver eye-catching visuals to customers.

Therefore, it can really bring your video to a whole new level.


"Let your visuals speak for you!"

There are a number of different paths you can take when it comes down to the actual creation

and production of your video.
why some businesses are much better off with animation rather than live-action?

As ideas evolved over time so did the art of storytelling.

Now we are heading towards a future where visual storytelling is the only way forward.

But the problem is, with so much visual content being shared daily,

people won’t bother having a second look if your visual story doesn’t make a mental impact.

So it’s very important to ensure that every second of your video makes an impact. If one doesn’t do that,

people won’t even blink twice before moving on to the next piece of online content. 

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