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"WENO is Wonderland"

Bees travel between plants and act as ‘pollen carriers.’ Through this, plants

will bear fruit, reproduce, and maintain their ecosystem.

Similar to how bees have to exist so that plants can bear fruits and propagate, this video expresses the purpose of WENO Studio, which is to create the best videos to bring life to their business and lead it to success, just like how bees would never stand down from any kind of adversity.


Story : Jiwoo Park

Creative Direction / Art Direction : Jiwoo Park , Daeyong Kim

3D Modeling / Texturing / Animation : Jiwoo Park, Daeyong Kim, Yura An, Hyeyoung Lee, Sunhye Oh

3D Rendering : Daeyong Kim

Compositing / Editing : Jiwoo Park

Sound Design & Music : Jiwoo Park

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