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Wackies Explainer


Do you have a great idea about a product? and ask an awesome feature that you want to share with others?

Or do you offer a world-changing service?


The future of marketing comes in the form of video either to attract bigger and newer audiences.

The statistics regarding the popularity of video marketing don’t lie. 

The average person watches more than an hour and a half of online video content per day.

Also, Some half a billion people watch videos on social media every day and very soon.

video traffic will represent 80% of all consumer online traffic.

that’s a ton of potential exposure! don’t let your brand fall behind the curve!


Most people move fast nowadays they won't have time to read the entire text on your website or landing page.

A short video can hook your prospects and help them understand your value proposition.


Did you know that 65% of people are visual learners, and 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual? 

And visual information is processed 60,000x faster than text. 

even they're great for humanizing your brand and building trust the characters represent your various brand personas.


Do you think that your product can be cool enough to become a fancy, interesting explainer video?

Reach out to us and let's talk about how we can help you.

"Videos are all about storytelling"

Storytelling is considered one of the most effective content marketing approaches as it breathes life into a brand

and shapes consumer perception, and the use of childhood comics in lieu of lengthy articles evokes powerful emotions like nostalgia for busy modern audiences.

Explainer videos are a humorous and relatable way to disseminate complex information

and infographics offer an accessible and engaging way to capture consumer data,

as valuable content should be both informative and entertaining.

Compared to traditional live-action videos, explainer videos are more cost-effective

and memorable, and can easily reach foreign audiences through the use of subtitles

or alternate narration while also appealing to customers through understanding rather than persuasion.

스토리텔링은 브랜드에 생명력을 불어넣고 소비자의 인식을 형성하는 데 있어서 
가장 효과적인 콘텐츠 마케팅 접근 방법 중 하나입니다. 
바쁜 현대인들에게 1500 단어의 긴 기사를 읽게 하는 대신에 어린 시절 만화를 사용함으로써 강력한 감성인 향수를 자극합니다. 
대게 익스플레이너 비디오는 유머러스하고 쉽게 이해할 수 있는 방법으로 복잡한 정보를 전달할 수 있으며, 
인포그래픽은 단순한 텍스트만큼 정보를 전달하지만 보기 쉽고 재미있는 방식으로 소비자 데이터를 수집하는 데 적합합니다. 
가치 있는 콘텐츠는 정보를 제공할 뿐만 아니라 재미있어야 합니다. 
전통적인 실사 동영상에 비해 익스플레이너 비디오의 제작 비용은 효과적이며, 기억에 남는 영향을 줄 수 있습니다. 
자막이나 외국어 대체 내레이션을 통해 외국인 대상 시청자도 쉽게 접근할 수 있으며, 
설득보다 이해하는 방식으로 접근함으로써 고객의 자발적 참여를 유도하는 데도 아주 적합합니다

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