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Today’s market of audiovisual advertising is in the same type of ideological stagnation: the same graphic or dramatic techniques are used, which have long ceased to attract the target audience,

even to irritate consumers with their mediocrity.

We will tell you about a new marketing strategy – 3D motion design,

which is increasingly being adopted in modern luxury brands.

3D animation is playing a key role in the content marketing of businesses and brands.

It is 3D Animation can be very effective in content marketing helping them to visualize ideas,

products, and processes in ways impossible in real life or using other forms of animation.

Motion design is not far behind the latest trends and the marketing market struggle for the buyer

is becoming increasingly competitive, although the current content has outdated.

BUT, the use of digital art format, which has steady profitability in different segments,

such as cars, arts, digital, will stimulate active sales.

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